Pool Guillén

August, 09 - September, 16, 2017

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Volume III
Corten steel. 45 x 73 x 55 cm. 2017
Mural III Volume III Mural II Volume II

The show “Alteraciones del Horizonte” (“Alterations in the Horizon”), presented by POOL GUILLÉN at Galería Enlace, consists of a group of seven medium- and large-sized sculptures. “Volume and space. The relationship and interaction between these two concepts has been the focal point of the investigation around which my sculptural work has revolved for the last ten years. The compositional study of geometric forms that unfurl in space raises question marks that I attempt to resolve with the construction and transformation of volumes and planes. It is the constant quest to take the visual tension between the object and its surroundings to the very limit. It is the expansion of the sculpture off of the pedestal, taking on architectural scale, prioritizing the plane, displacing it, plotting and mapping in space, provoking a different perception in the spectator with regard to the place intervened. ‘Alteraciones del Horizonte’ reflects experiences lived over the last three years, in which disparate situations have found me traveling in geographic settings that are far from one another physically, but similar in their nature: the Kavir Desert in Teheran, Iran; the Sechura Desert in Piura, Peru; and the desert of the Paracas National Reserve, also in Peru. The visual purity of these geographic locations helped me perceive the common thread among a series of sensations experienced during these travels: the horizon, a core element and starting point that connects all of the pieces made for this show. Preserving the continuity within my process, I developed these sculptures using corten steel, focused on the approximation and divergence of this desert horizon, laden with expressive force in the subtleties of its nature and the tension of the energy contained in this short line that separates the firmament from the earth”. Pool Guillén Pool Guillén (Lima, Peru, 1975) Graduated with a B.A. in Plastic Arts, with a minor in Sculpture, from the Universidad Católica del Perú School of Art. He has taken part in numerous group shows in Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, and Iran, all countries where his works grace public spaces. Recently, in 2016, the Municipality of Miraflores in Lima, Peru acquired one of his pieces. He is currently working on projects involving architectural intervention and furniture design using corten steel for renowned architectural firms in Lima, including Barclay and Crousse, as well as Jordi Puig. The show “ALTERACIONES DEL HORIZONTE” by POOL GUILLÉN can be visited at Galería ENLACE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO through September 16, Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Free and open to the public.