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En la discoteca
Photography. 126 x 126 cm
En la discoteca En el palco Galería de arte Boutique

MR | Marina García Burgos + Ricardo Ramón Jarne

MR is an artistic duo teamed up by Marina García Burgos and Ricardo Ramón Jarne who have now began a collaboration in which, through photography, will manifest some of the most delicate social problems. Always from an artistic point of view, but with the Intention of making such problem evident and acknowledged it by talking about it. MR intends to make visible what society insists in making invisible.

| Marina García Burgos Studies of photography in the International Center of Photography, New York. Speciality of styling and art direction in the Central Saint Martín School of Design, Londres

| Ricardo Ramón Jarne Doctor in History of the Art from the Zaragoza University. Art critic, writer and administrator cultural. Nowadays directs the Cultural Center of Spain in Montevideo, Uruguay.

MR | Solo Exhibitions | "Poussin in Peru" Bienal de Fotografía de Lima (abril 2014) Instituto Cervantes de Madrid, PhotoEspaña (Junio 2104). Galería Berri, República Dominicana, Festival PhotoImagen (septiembre 2014) Huelva, España (2013) | "if there no afterlife, the injustice of the poor lingers perpetually" Enlace Gallery. Lima, Peru. 2008 Enlace Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2008 MR | Group Exhibitions |"Laberinto de miradas" Cultural Center of Spain, Lima, Peru, Montevideo, Uruguay, Asuncion, Paraguay, Sao Paulo, Brasil, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2008/2009. | Buenos Aires Photo 2008, Palais de Glace, Enlace Gallery, Buenos Aires. | Finalists of the Petrobras Buenos Aires Photo Award, Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires. | Selection, Photographic portrait prize of the National Portrait Gallery of London. 2008