Havana Cuba, 1969

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El cazador de cuerpos celestes
Oil and watercolor pencils on canvas. 2015. 178 x 223 cm
El cazador de cuerpos celestes El enemigo Síndrome del nido vacío Maternidad

Carlos Estévez studied photography, wood carving, conservation, restoration and movie production. He graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte de Cuba in 1993. He has presented solo exhibitions in his country and in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Norway, the United States, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Japan and Panama. He has also participated in many collective exhibitions. Among various recognitions he has been awarded the Grand Prize at the first Salon of Contemporary Cuban Art (Primer Salón de Arte Cubano Contemporáneo, Cuba, 1995) and the Award for Encouragement at the VI International Biennial of Painting (VI Bienal Internacional de Pintura, Cuenca, Ecuador, 1998). He has been appointed as resident artist at several international institutions, being amongst the most outstanding the Center of Northern Artists in Norway and the Art OMI Foundation of New York.

Since the beginning of his first exhibition in 1992, Carlos Estevez’s work has explored the spiritual dimension of humans. In this context, he has created a peculiar cult around human imagery, not only through painting, but with drawing, sculpture, ceramics, collage and installations. This artist conceives the human body as representing a map, one that simultaneously reflects his own vital and cognitive universe. It is like a text composed of fragments revealing a metaphoric dimension, and an unexpected, distinct reading of the creative process.