(October 22 - November 23, 2013)

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Our Garden
Installation: plastic, metal, and acrylic. 2013. 140 x 100 x 45 cm. each.
Our Garden Objectual Portraits Series: Objectual Portraits Memories Past - diptych Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Memories Past - diptych Objectual Portraits

ENLACE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO Gallery (Av. Pardo y Aliaga 676, San Isidro) announces the opening of the solo exhibition DESAPARIENCIA by the young Cuban artist MABEL POBLET, next Tuesday, October 22 at 7.30 p.m. The artist will be present at the exhibition. MABEL POBLET (Cienfuegos, Cuba, 1986). Studied at the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) (2012) and at the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes San Alejandro, Cuba (2007). She is a member of the Cuban National Union of Writers and Artists (UNEAC). At her young age, she has already held over a dozen solo shows: “Reunión familiar” (“Family Reunion”), Eleventh Havana Biennale, Cuba (2012); “Hoy mi voz tiene sentido” (“Today My Voice Makes Sense”), Galería Villa Manuela, Cuba (2012); “Obras recientes” (“Recent Works”), Center for Cuban Studies, New York, USA (2011); and “Mirando adentro” (“Looking Inside”), Center for Cuban Studies, New York, USA (2008), among others. She has also participated in numerous group shows in Cuba, the United States, Portugal, and Ecuador. Recently, she held a successful exhibition at the Galería Raquel Ponce in Madrid, Spain. At just 27 years old, Mabel Poblet is considered a rising artist with a solid international curriculum and a promising career in the visual arts, to say the least. Her work has won awards in Cuban and international salons and contests, and her pieces have been acquired by important collectors and institutions such as CIFO-Cisnero Fontanals Art Foundation, USA; the Brownstone Foundation of Paris, France, and others. In the words of the critic and essayist Andrés Isaac Santana: “The work of the young Cuban artist Mabel Poblet involves, more than anything, an exercise in critical honesty that gives rise to an expressive commitment that is extremely particular and clearly audacious. Mabel has understood, in short, that art is neither the recreation nor the fidelity to previous paradigms, but, above all, the sum of specific approximations to the personal history of the individual who reconstructs, as if in a schizophrenic puzzle, the subsequent explosion of all their scattered fragments. Reproduction or irony, emptying or tropology as a feat retoricized to exhaustion, do not seem to orchestrate the grammar of her language and her ways of speaking. (…) Many of the pieces from her short but intense career attest to a perfectly sensible phenomenon involving the importance that she concedes to the spectator, to that moment of observation that crosses the line into an act of co-creation and broadened participation. In part, creating tension based on the interpretation of this act, she forges connections with the idea of constant change and modification that alters the profile and foundations of any identity. She herself has been the ‘object’ of infinite changes and successive losses in her personal life. As such, her oeuvre corroborates that ‘strange matter’ or odd sensation that all traumatic experience, to a certain degree exponential at the threshold of pain, leaves seared into the body of the everyday experience of the subject who suffers and redeems herself, the hard way, from her anxieties and sorrows.” With regard to her work, Mabel Poblet tells us: “The majority of my works are based on self-referential events, which means that I sometimes run the risk of not being completely understood by the average viewer. I base my art on an intimate vision of my own personal experiences. Even so, I think that we as human beings live in a single society, we have a lot of experiences in common. Even if we as protagonists are not the same, there are everyday experiences that we share.” The exhibition may be viewed through November 23, 2013.