José María Mellado

August, 11 - September, 20, 2016

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Pigmented ink print on fibre-based paper. 105 x 140.6 cm. 2013

José María Mellado (Almería, Spain, 1966 – ) has become one of the most outstanding contemporary photographers in the Spanish art scene, and his photographs are currently on display in major museums around the world. In his images, Mellado energetically captures the natural beauty of landscapes. His photographs reflect the ephemeral and reveal beauty where there might not seem to be any at first glance. Through his mastery of light and clouds, the artist envelops his scenes in shades of gray, creating an expectation of action on empty roads, in imposing cities and factories, on rough seas and rushing rivers, managing to capture the balance and peace that the artist himself seeks. In his attempt to transmit to the spectator the sensations experienced at the moment the shot was taken with the greatest possible complexity and fidelity, Mellado has spent recent years performing in-depth investigations into capture, processing, and output techniques. His work has received awards on numerous occasions, and his pieces are held in major collections and museums. He has also participated regularly in the most important international art fairs. The exhibition to be presented at Galería ENLACE consists of fifteen photographs from different series, seen together for the first time here. “Every image represents a way of seeing. Photography is not simply a mechanical/technical registration, or not just that. You also have the fact that the photographer decided on, or used his intellect to choose his shot. … In this way, every image signifies and implies a way of seeing. As such, upon seeing a photograph, we intuit that the photographer made a choice, performed an operation, a selection, and his way of seeing is reflected in the shot; and so, in addition to the fact that every image represents the photographer’s way of seeing, our perception and conception of that way of seeing—our imaginary, if you will—our image, depend in turn on our own way of seeing or see it, seeing that image. …The images emerged from or created by José María Mellado are a link through which we can see the world in a new way. A certain tone, a certain color or frequency, generally low, concealed, or deliberately gray, tenuously somber, between color and light, and an essential constituent thereof, accent or highlight the portion(s) of reality addressed. It is a color or atmosphere that looms over the whole, but not in an unconnected or artificial way. It is a tonality that offers new meanings and gives new tinges and sheens of reality to reality itself. In his vision and gaze, light does not dissolve forms, as with the Impressionists, but makes them more concrete and fully formed. Mellado works to offset the light and atmosphere of his image, guiding the observer’s gaze, opening up his sensibility, making it possible to achieve new vistas. His is a creation of images of multiple returns and echoes, which give us the freedom to open up worlds and recognize precisely that, that we are dealing with a world more than individual things. It is a kind of Eye Contact, since to look at them is to see ourselves, to return our own gaze, return to our interiority, to the soul, if you like; it refers us to our own way of seeing, to your gaze, to that of each one of us.” Roberto Ascóniga, curator. José María Mellado will also be present at Galería ENLACE’s stand at the LimaPhoto Photography Fair, which opens this August 10 at the Centro de La Imagen. The Mirar a los ojos (Eye Contact) exhibition by José María Mellado will be open to the public at Galería Enlace through September 20, from Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. The gallery is located at Avenida Camino Real 1123, San Isidro. No entry fee.