(March, 13 - April, 13, 2014)

The book Guardianes (Guardians) was recently published in Lima by the Biblioteca Abraham Valdelomar, offering an essential photographic tour of different sacred spaces and landscapes of the Peruvian coast and highlands, captured from a personal viewpoint. This series of photographs was taken between 2005 and 2013 on different exploratory journeys and work trips through the hills and huacas of Peru’s coast and mountains, from the Moche Valley in La Libertad to Túcume in Lambayeque, passing through Cumbemayo in Cajamarca and Cahuachi in the Ica Valley. Of the fifty photographs collected in Guardianes, thirty works have been selected for this photography exhibit, in which the artist appropriates the principle of frontality and symmetry used as a pattern for visual construction in Pre-Hispanic Andean art, in turn based on these peoples’ and civilizations’ worldviews and interpretations of their surroundings. These articulating axes include, among others, the Andean principle of duality and opposites, understood as creators and organizers of the cosmos, formed by two counterposed and complementary forces whose primary characteristic is the creation of symmetry in its different variants. Symmetrical images are those in which the image is formed by the contrast of prastically equal halves on both sides of a central axis. Duality through bipartition in opposite, symmetrical, and complementary pairs is the basis of the Andean conception of the origin of the cosmos, and is the central axis of the Guardianes project. Of the themes of the book, presented in a painstaking and impeccable 96-page hardcover edition, the author says: “The idea is to present a gallery of the faces of the ‘guardians’ who watch over these sacred spaces. My intention is to point out or make visible, through photography, a universe that is hidden or mimeticized in the landscape, a world populated by beings who observe us from an enigmatic place situated beyond time.” The Chilean art critic Ernesto Muñoz notes: “The photographs of José Carlos Orrillo are the pulse of a mystical experience that reaches our eyes from the depths of time. When Orrillo clicks his shutter, he gives rise to a conception where creation crosses through time via gaps of silence. Peru (…) must not forget that tissue that provides a mighty foundation to its construction as a nation. By searching it out, José Carlos Orrillo takes up his place among the greats of Peruvian photography who established identity and consciousness, providing examples of a sense of civics shared with their people.” The art critic Manuel Munive writes in the introduction to the book: “José Carlos Orrillo removes us from urban space and time and leads us to isolated spots that offer a special attraction, a particularity that makes them especially suited to a dialogue with the cosmos, that primordial intuition of the sacred (…).” Guardianes, a book of great visual beauty, was published with the support of the Biblioteca Abraham Valdelomar of Huacachina, Ica, directed by Alberto Benavides Ganoza. The book will be presented on April 8, 2014, together with the photography exhibition of the same name, at the gallery Enlace Arte Contemporáneo. The event will be attended by Alberto Benavides Ganoza, Director of the Biblioteca Abraham Valdelomar; José Carlos Orrillo, photographer; Manuel Munive, art critic; and Carlos Runcie Tanaka, who will offer his comments on the book. The exhibition may be viewed through May 3, from Monday through Saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.