Sebastián Burga and José Aburto

(August 7 – September 15, 2014)

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Grupo Extravía
Artists Artists Inkarri

ENLACE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO Gallery (Av. Pardo y Aliaga 676, San Isidro) announces the opening of the solo painting exhibition INKARRI, el descuartizador del progreso del Grupo Extravía (?) formed by Sebastián Burga and José Aburto, next Thursday, August 7 at 7.30 p.m. In a Peru torn between protecting our natural resources and achieving economic wellbeing, Sebastián Burga and José Aburto propose a reflection on the limits of progress. The exhibition is based on the profound contradiction between the positivist impulse of development that neglects all concern for its social and environmental surroundings, and the captive dream of going back in history to maintain the archaic status quo. The myth of the resurrection of the decapitated Inca Inkarri (Inca King) emerges in Peru as the incarnation of the desire to return to a utopian Inca past, in contrast to the idea of modernity imposed by the colonizers. The artists rework the myth making use of the Japanese imaginary of giant robots of the ‘70s. Robots with a very powerful meaning for the generation who grew up watching them, often associated with the concept of future and the force of technology. This robotic Inkarri is the new emperor, powerful, angry, and bloodthirsty, who emerges as an antihero, fighting for Peruvians in spite of themselves. He is a dictator drunk on power, the nanny state that some Peruvians still long for, the defender of a mythic past that will never return, but also a mystery that navigates between technology and mysticism. He is depicted as the protector of “Perunio,” a mineral recently discovered in the Peruvian Andes, highly prized by the mining companies and our country’s last promise of wealth. The exhibition makes use of all possible media to create a parallel reality and offer us a proposition that takes an in-depth look at topics of Peruvian reality. A multimedia narrative that includes sculpture, large posters, a video series for Youtube, toys, intervention in public spaces, social media, etc. At each point, the proposal is amplified, giving us more clues to the complexity of history, the contradictions of the character, and the different aspects of progress in our society. Sebastián Burga and José Aburto, who together form Colectivo Extravía, have been a creative duo since 1998. They have completed a series of playful projects that submerge the spectator in a narrative making use of all types of media (sculpture, installation, photography, social media, 3D, poetry, etc.). Their first project was “Extravía” (“Misplacement”) (2005), in which they put together a red labyrinth suspended in the air that forced the public to insert their heads into a poetic hypertext. In 2010, they won the “Centro Abierto” contest with their work “El choclo Colón” (“Columbus, the Corn Ear”), which enabled them to intervene the Teatro Colón with posters announcing its impending demolition and the construction of a monstrous apartment building called "Los Palcos del Descubridor” (“The Discoverer’s Box Seats”). The following year, they were invited to take part in the exhibition “Ciudadano expandido” (“Expanded City”), a tribute to Marshall McLuhan, where they presented their work “Mal de Ojo” (“Evil Eye”). The exhibition may be viewed through September 15, from Monday through Saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.