Francisco Vílchez

(Octubre 10 – November 8, 2014)

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Pachamanka Evolution
Oil on canvas, 290 x 134 cm., 2014.
Pachamanka Evolution Bunny Girl Guardian Angel, Sweet Company The City of Fury Tropical Venus

ENLACE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO Gallery (Av. Camino Real 1123, San Isidro) announces the opening of the solo painting exhibition EL EVANGELIO SEGÚN DARWINby FRANCISCO VILCHEZ, next Friday, Octuber 10 at 7.30 p.m. Painter, illustrator, and exceptional drawer, Francisco “Paco” Vilchez is renowned for his consolidation of a solid, mature oeuvre and as the creator of extravagant and dangerously captivating characters. His personal imaginary consists of beings with their muscles exposed, strange animals, symbiotic figures, and vigorous males intertwined with voluptuous women. These situations and relationships recreate eroticism and violence inside fantastic landscapes, almost always painted in red and green, colors that characterize his work. Born in Cajamarca in 1960, Vilchez has lived and exhibited for nearly ten years now in Puerto Rico, where he traveled at the invitation of the Museo de las Américas and where he continued creating and painting, as passionate and frenzied as ever, meeting with success and recognition in his new habitat with his series of red paintings, into which he introduced elements from his new Caribbean environs. EL EVANGELIO SEGÚN DARWIN, the exhibition that will be displayed at Galería Enlace Arte Contemporáneo, consisting of fifteen oil paintings on canvas, is a puzzle and a paradox of ideological contradiction or fundamental philosophy, notably Darwin’s theory of evolution and the idealism of the gospel. The result is a series of paintings in a classical style with a lustre of surrealism. About this new series, the Puerto Rican author María Ostolaza says: “Since ancient times, sexual symbology has been present in man’s imaginary, forming a vital part of the unconsciousness of creation. Like a hunting guide or a treasure hunt, the symbology of birds flies over the waters of our contemporary Hispano-American imaginary, sending ripples through it. Vilchez’s work “El Vuelo” (“The Flight”), manned by birds, is simultaneously a fiesta and a floating island, spied like the spectator’s own pilot’s log. (…) Through introspection or execution, we are an evolutionary species. We are an America chromatically articulated like a species of the animal kingdom, an extended fiesta on wheels heading along a route of pleasure and the planet’s own path. We get in and out of this car in a rage. Others simply enjoy the pleasures that the journey has to offer…” (…) The exhibit THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO DARWIN takes a risk on the creation of a new language with the spectator. Like a bird’s alphabet, used by the ancient Egyptians to transcend into another state of spiritual continuity, this evolutionary pictorial manifesto on immortality prevails over the ephemeral of the visual flight. A playful truth remains, chromatic, in the spectator’s vision, forming part of his very being. “The series was born out of a personal sensorial experience of constant emotional relations, while I painted for tireless spectators who observed me through the windows of my studio in San Juan, Puerto Rico: the birds. In Puerto Rico, I painted “El rapto de San Juan” (“The Rapture of Saint John”). Then came “Lección de Anatomía” (“Anatomy Lesson”). When I traveled to Lima to continue painting in the swamps, in my studio in Las Brisas de Villa, I introduced classical paintings for the first time as a point of departure for intertwining the historical tradition of painting with banality, play, and the absurd as social criticism,” says Francisco Vilchez about his colorful “bird stage.” “Nature is a constant succession of contradicitions… I took the liberty of laying that bare in a series of literary and pictorial metaphors, in a sort of evolution: the birds, who contemplate all the aspects and characteristics of human misery: man’s icons, his faith, his religious beliefs, his self-destructive instincts, and his ingenuity in the face of natural events,” concludes the artist on his new solo show at Enlace Gallery. The exhibition may be viewed through November 8, from Monday through Saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.