Jorge Vigil

(January 6 – February 10)

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The Pears of the Soul I
Mixed media on canvas. 2014. 40 x 386 cm.
The Pears of the Soul I The Pears of the Soul II The Pears of the Soul III The Pears of the Soul IV Destructuring Course

ENLACE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO Gallery (Av. Pardo y Aliaga 676, San Isidro) announces the opening of the solo painting and drawing exhibition LAS PERAS DEL ALMA by JORGE VIGIL, next Tuesday, January 6 at 7.30 p.m. The artist will be present at the exhibition. Jorge Vigil, Lima, 1963, finished his painting studies in 1988 at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes of Peru. A resident of Parissince 1990, he has engaged in intense artistic activity in France, the United States, Indonesia, and Lima, from where he initially departed with a grant from the French government to study at the Pau School of Communications. Among other distinctions, he won Second Prize at the Salón Lefranc Bougeois, Southwest Region in 1992; the Premio Cadena, Villa Montauban, in 1994; and in 2000, the prize at the First Villa de Nay Festival, all in France. He has taken part in numerous solo and group shows and participated in major international art fairs. In this exhibition, Vigil presents a group of four main works measuring 40 x 387 cm each, which lend their title to the current show, together totaling over 15 meters wide. In them, the artist addresses the four classic elements of nature: fire, earth, water, and air. These four classic primordial elements were very important to the civilizations of the Babylonians and the Ancient Greeks. Through the Middle Ages, the value placed on these elements reached Renaissance Europe, thus arriving in and influencing the West. Through observation and investigation, man has situated the elements in places of reflection and distinction. Among other motifs, they are important for their representation of color. Fire, related to energy and optimism, is red and orange; earth is brown and green, associated with solidity,constance, and physical force or power, and so on. In Vigil’s polyptych, four-part mural, the four elements are intimately tied to the stages of life, which bring together elements related to its environment and its imaginary, conjugating the real and the dreamlike in fantastic and unpredictable occurrences and compositions. The horror vacui so characteristic of his pictorial practice speaks to us of his fears, his anxieties, or his delirious desires. In 2011, the art critic Jorge Bernuy said of his work: “It is difficult to define and uncover the painting of Jorge Vigil. The personal, intimate dialogue between the work and the spectator is more important than anything we might say or write about it. It seems that he, too, is much more interested in the dialogue between the work and the spectator than any desire to untangle its mystery. It is true that there are paintings that cannot do away with the word in order to define or express their message, especially where the concept takes priority over the aesthetic intent. Jorge Vigil is a fantastic artist whose work displays a great technical mastery, both in form, line work, and color(…).A profound painter who has achieved great artistic quality of an unusual originality.Vigil’s painting is based on graphic art with his own personal, occasionally schematic, accents. The color is complementary and subordinate at all times to the architectures of his stylized figures. Figuration and geometry submit to the abovementioned graphic art. In this ambition, we constantly encounter the attempt to recovery the space and action of painting. His painting captivates with the grace and harmony of its compositions, the balance of his chromatic ranges, and the vividness of the situations it depicts. His work captures an eternal struggle between the theme of the painting that infuses it with life and the elements depicted therein. The intentional deformation of reality in order to adapt it to his own personal graphic style recalls Hieronymous Bosch. In his style, all straight lines owe a debt to the frame around them, while his curves are a projection of the sphere, in which they find their raison d’être.” Jorge Vigil’s exhibition may be viewed through February 10, 2015, from Monday through Friday, 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The gallery is located at Av. Camino Real 1123, San Isidro. No entry fee.