(September 20 – October 31, 2008)

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Oil and acrylic on canvas, 100 x 120 cm.

ENLACE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO Gallery (Av. Pardo y Aliaga 676, San Isidro) announces the opening of the solo exhibition EL TEATRO DE LA MEMORIA by CLAUDIO GALLINA, with the support of the Alfredo Ginocchio gallery in Mexico F.D., next Thursday, September 20. In this solo exhibition, Gallina will present a group of fifteen recent works in mixed technique on medium- and large-sized canvases. “Gallina’s journey is dreamlike. His raw material, the subconscious. Instead of despairing over the human condition and its drama, depicting the dregs and delighting in them (like the child who never grew up), Gallina offers us the possibility of taking flight and dreaming with eyes wide open before his canvases. In the face of conflict, repressed desires, and those paths never found, Gallina proposes a route that is neither easy nor idyllic. He is no innocent or prude. What he does propose is art as a doorway. He proposes that we never forget; that we take a step and then a leap; that we play. In this way, our stories, our personal dramas, are portrayed with humor and irony in all of the paintings of this particular homo ludens. The Argentines know a thing or two about remembering in order to create. Borges himself said that ‘the creative act is found someplace between memory and that which we have forgotten,’ an intelligent way of lying. Plato thought that man was placed on Earth to remember that which he had already known in the world of ideas, but had forgotten upon being born. In this same way, Claudio Gallina offers us an art undistanced from life, with dark backgrounds and bright lights. His paintings lift the curtains on our feelings, confronting us with the great theater of memory.” Santiago Toca, Mexico, July 2007 Claudio Gallina graduatedfrom the Escuela de Bellas Artes Prilidiano Pueyrredón and studied set design under Professor Lerchundi, set and costume designer of the Teatro Colón. He attended the workshops of Osvaldo Attila, Cristina Santander, and Armando Sapia, among others. He has performed set design for television and theater. He has held nearly twenty-five solo shows in Bogota, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Massachusetts, and Miami. The exhibition may be viewed through October 31, Monday through Saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. No entry fee.