Lima, Perú - 1976

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Border Life
Mixed media on canvas. 2008. 140 x 150 cm
Border Life RGB High Voltage It Burns Bridge

Christian Quijada studied drawing and painting at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in Peru, graphic design at the Instituto Toulouse-Lautrec, and photography at the Centro de la Fotografía. He has participated in over twenty group shows in Peru and abroad, and three solo shows: Urb (2005), Urb Sur (2005), and El Muerto (The Dead Man) (2006). He received an Honorable Mention at the Ninth ICPNA National Painting Salon (2001). He was a finalist in the Coca Cola National Painting Contest (Trujillo, 2002); in the Seventh ICPNA National Drawing Contest (Lima, 2002); in the Second Young Artists’ Contest of the Municipalidad de Miraflores (Lima, 2004);in the Young Artists’ Painting Contest organized by Minera Cerro Verde (Arequipa, 2004); in the Passport for an Artist Contest of the French Embassy in Peru (2006); and he won first prize in the Third Young Artists’ Contest organized by the Municipalidad deMiraflores (Lima, 2005). “Engraving has recently become the preferred medium of a number of young artists. It is used as a way to extend certain explorations in which digital images and photography seem to find an interface. Christian Quijada transfers photographic images to the surface of his canvas. Even if they were taken in Lima, the images in his paintings could have been shot in any city (…).The low-hanging flight, so descriptive, in the subjects of his paintings are the equal of those of photojournalism, although his eye never commits to any specific narrative. Contrary to the diffusive effect found in pigment—a medium as a pictorial element—the print in this case manifests itself as a footprint that provides detail, while at the same time infusing the image with depth.” In: Post-ilusiones. Nuevas visiones del arte crítico en Lima (1980-2006), exhibition catalogue (2006).